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 Membership is paid monthly with no long-term             commitment so you may join for a month or just           a few months if you wish.    

 Monthly fee for Women is $50 per month, HST             included. 

 Because of the reduced hours, the monthly fee for         Men is $45 per month, includes HST .  

We have incentives to encourage you to make                exercise part of your routine and reduce your rate.      Contact us to see how.   


Visitors by appointment only.

Payment is by Cash, Cheque, or etransfer


We are here to help all our members feel positive, motivated and in the perfect mood for a workout. 

That is why our gym is bright and spacious with a laid- back atmosphere, so when you come in, you feel as comfortable as wearing a pair of old jeans.

And to keep you safe and sound day and night, we have a scan card entry door system for our members. 

Work out at your own pace or join with some of the others to work out as a group. We encourage our members to use the facility and get into the habit of working out regularly and we reward them for doing so!

                                                                                                                                                                                 Cathy & Larry


     130 St. Lawrence St. E      Madoc, ON K0K 2K0

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343 472 1045   admin@chancesfc.com

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Available for you 7 days a week

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